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Family Law

Complex Ties Unwound: Exploring Guardianship and Support in BC

November 16, 2023 by FH&P Lawyers

Picture child custody and support in British Columbia as an elaborate tapestry – sometimes you feel like you're threading a needle in the dark, and other times it's like you're creating a masterpiece. Our aim is to add a bit of light to this intricate process, helping you navigate the twists, turns, and occasional knots with a smile.

1. Weaving the Custody Canvas

Navigating the Family Law Act and or Divorce Act in Parenting time is a bit like trying to thread a needle after three cups of coffee – it requires patience, a steady hand, and maybe a few deep breaths. But don't worry, we're here to help steady the cup!

2. Crafting Custody Arrangements – Not Your Grandma’s Knitting!

- Joint Guardianship: Like a well-coordinated dance of shuttle and loom, this is about parents harmonizing their steps to create a beautiful pattern.

- Sole Guardianship: Think of this as a solo performance in tapestry-making – one artist takes the lead, but the overall design still involves contributions from the all parties in their capacity.

- Shared Guardianship: Imagine trying to blend two different knitting styles into one scarf – it’s unique, creative, and yes, it works!

3. Deciphering the Art of Custody Decisions

The courts are like those meticulous art critics who examine every thread and colour choice. Their goal? To ensure the final piece showcases the best interests of the child – and trust us, they know their art!

4. Spinning the Yarn of Child Support

Child support is the thread that holds the whole fabric together. Governed by the *Federal Child Support Guidelines*, it's less about spinning a yarn and more about providing a strong, consistent support thread.

5. Child Support Calculations – Not Your Average Stitch Count

Calculating child support is a bit like following a complex knitting pattern – it takes concentration and a bit of math to ensure everyone gets the right amount of yarn.

6. Extra Threads for Those Special Patterns

Sometimes, a child’s tapestry needs a few extra threads for healthcare or education – think of these as the glittery, special yarn that makes the pattern pop!

7. Adjusting the Loom: When Life Throws a Curveball

Life, much like an enthusiastic kitten with a ball of yarn, sometimes messes up our neatly planned patterns. When that happens, it's time to adjust the loom and maybe rework a few stitches.

8. Your Guide Through the Weaving Wonderland

In our community-focused firm, our family law experts are like the seasoned weavers ready to help you untangle any knots and smooth out the snags, all with a professionalism and some expert advice.

The journey of child custody and support doesn't have to be untangled alone. With years of experience you’ll receive seasoned guidance to avoid any pin pricks, helping you create a masterpiece that's a perfect fit for your family.

Need help threading that needle? Reach out to the newest member of our family law team, Anastasiya Sadovska. We're here to help you weave through the complexities with a and a lot of care.



This light-hearted guide offers an overview only. For advice tailored to the unique pattern of your family, consulting a legal expert is always the best approach.

About the Associate: Anastasiya Sadovska, part of the FH&P Lawyers LLP team, embodies the spirit of community engagement and readiness to assist in every aspect of her work. As a family lawyer, she brings a combination of analytical skills and comprehensive legal knowledge to a wide spectrum of family law issues. Anastasiya's dedication extends beyond the courtroom through her active participation in community legal services and board memberships, demonstrating her commitment to accessible and supportive legal guidance. Fluent in Ukrainian and Russian, she not only offers expertise but also cultural understanding, ensuring that families facing legal challenges receive empathetic and effective support.