December 23rd, 2019 by FH&P Lawyers

FH&P Lawyers has been providing legal services to the Okanagan Valley for over a century. As a community minded firm, we wanted to give back in a meaningful way to those most vulnerable at this time of year.

The Central Okanagan Journey Home Society has a 5-year plan to address homelessness in Kelowna and recently brought the screening of the US and Them Film to our City. Our staff were inspired after viewing the film and wanted to give back once again. This Us & Them hoodie program was a perfect fit.

Each staff member has received one of these US & Them hoodies, and for every hoodie purchased, one will be given to a person who currently lives on our streets.

If you are looking for a way to help our vulnerable citizens and give back to those in need, this program is also open to the public. More information can be found at the US and Them Film Festival.

The mission of the Society is to facilitate the ‘journey home’ through a coordinated system of community assets and resources so “Everyone has a place to call home”.

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Provincial Court Family Rules

Wesley Shields, a family lawyer in our office was appointed as a member of the Provincial Court Family Rules Working Group in 2017. The Committee began its work in 2014 on implementing changes and reforms to the B.C. Provincial Court Family Rules. In the edition of The Lawyer’s Daily article titled “B.C. family law reform proposals aimed at less adversarial system, smaller burden on courts” they interviewed Wesley Shields on the new recommendations proposed regarding Provincial Family Rules.

New York New Years 2019

​For New Years Eve 2019, FH&P Lawyers were proud to serve hot chocolate to anyone who had attended New York New Years in Stuart Park. The event started at 6pm and ran until 9pm. This is the 8th annual New York New Years, which was put on by Valley First and the City of Kelowna. This is one of the only free New Years Eve all ages event that happens in Kelowna.

FH&P Lawyers New Office Now Open in Penticton

FH&P Lawyers is very excited to announce the opening of our new location at 74 Wade Avenue, Penticton. This will be our second location in the South Okanagan and we are delighted to continue serving the communities we call home.