February 22nd, 2019 by Rebecca Tenna

On February 8th, 2019, the lawyers and staff at FH&P Lawyers LLP came together to celebrate not just one, but two major milestones for its staff. Yvonne Gramiak & Carroll Barker celebrated their 30th and 10th anniversary (respectively) working at the firm. At the gathering, the two legal assistants reminisced about their years at the firm, as well as the growth they’ve experienced within the firm and of the firm, while the partners and staff admired and celebrated their dedication and hard work.

Yvonne Gramiak started working at FH&P in 1988. Her first position was as an Office Services Clerk, and moved up to the legal assistant position on January 28, 1989, after the completion of her legal assistant course.

“The many incredible friendships made along the way were a major reason why I stayed” Yvonne said. “Starting with Sheila Shumay, who celebrated her 30th anniversary 8 months before me; my clever, hardworking, supportive & funny coworkers; the flexibility with my schedule & the honour of having been able to work with gifted and genuine lawyers”

Carroll echoed those sentiments, claiming that “wonderful and helpful co-workers along with talented and supportive lawyers” are to thank for her decade-long dedication and loyalty to the firm.

Carroll has worked at FH&P since December of 2009, and has thoroughly enjoyed her decade-long journey with the firm.

FH&P is incredibly proud of its team members, and congratulates Carroll and Yvonne on this milestone!

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FH&P Lawyers celebrates decades of staff dedication at Yvonne Gramiak and Carroll Barker's anniversary party

Loyal and dedicated staff are a major pillar for the firm’s long standing success.