June 5th, 2019 by Rebecca Tenna

FH&P Lawyers is pleased to announce the appointment of Associate Lawyer David Kemp to the Downtown Kelowna Association Board of Directors. The Downtown Kelowna Association plays a crucial role in advocating for downtown business and property owners, promoting downtown businesses, and furthering trade and commerce in the downtown core. The recent growth and the appearance of new businesses, projects, and public spaces in Kelowna’s downtown core inspired David to put his name forward to be involved. “Downtown Kelowna is a very different place than the one I knew growing up – some amazing work has been done getting it to where it is today and I’m so excited to play a role in shaping the next phase of development” said David.

David’s main areas of practice are corporate and business law. As a Kelowna local, he approaches his practice with a focus on the growth of local businesses and community. As a result, David believes that advocating for small businesses allows for a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses and residents. The more room small businesses are given to thrive, the more it will help the downtown feel connected, welcoming, and vibrant.

While Downtown Kelowna has seen a significant boom over the past few years, this growth has not been without its difficulties. “There are some real issues that need to be addressed. I believe some really great work is currently being done by the City through the Journey Home initiative to address these issues - we just need to keep our foot on the gas.”

Like FH&P Lawyers, most businesses in downtown Kelowna are a member of the association by virtue of being just that – a business in downtown Kelowna. This helps foster growth and facilitates communication within the community, a necessity in such a rapidly expanding community.

FH&P lawyers is proud to have the firm represented in the Downtown Kelowna Association, and wishes David all the best in this board position.

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FH&P Lawyers' David Kemp Appointed to Downtown Kelowna Board of Directors

FH&P Lawyers is pleased to announce the appointment of Associate Lawyer David Kemp to the Downtown Kelowna Association Board of Directors.

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