March 17th, 2020 by FH&P Lawyers

At FH&P Lawyers LLP we are closely monitoring the developments of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Following the government and public health recommendations, we are proactively implementing measures to promote everyone’s health and safety, while also focused on providing our clients with legal services during this uncertain time. At this time our offices remain open for business and we are conducting business as usual while remaining vigilant, ready to adapt as necessary as the situation evolves. Some of the steps we have taken this week include:

  • We have a business continuity plan in place, which will allow our team to continue serving our clients;
  • We are hosting client and internal meetings via video and audio conferences wherever possible;
  • We have adopted precautionary measures for members of our team who may feel ill;
  • All staff who are able to will be working remotely with access to email and voice mail or call-forwarding for messages

We remain committed to our people, clients and our community. We will do whatever we need to in order to promote the health and business interests of our team members and clients. We will continue to update you as needed.

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COVID-19 Series for Business Owners: Commercial Leasing for Tenants

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