September 13th, 2018 by FH&P Lawyers

Nancy Ling

FH&P Lawyers LLP is pleased to announce that Nancy Ling has become a Partner in the firm as of September 1, 2018.

Nancy works in estate administration, wills, trusts, estate and incapacity planning, residential and commercial real estate, property matters, corporate transactions and business law.

In addition to various volunteer projects within the community, Nancy is Chair of the Commercial and Real Estate Section Okanagan and Treasurer of the Wills and Trusts Section Okanagan.

When she isn’t busy being active in the legal sector, you can find her staying active on the nearby ski hills or enjoying the local culinary scene and entertainment with family and friends.

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The High Road: Growing Pains, The Transition from Illicit to Legal Cannabis

Recreational cannabis has been legal for almost a week now, and as expected the sky has not fallen. It’s almost like the crazed mania portrayed in the infamous 1936 film entitled “Reefer Madness” may have been a tad inaccurate. We are now in a transition period from dispensaries selling medical or illicit cannabis to attempting to obtain licenses to operate onside of the new Cannabis Act.

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So why, you ask, am I proudly wearing green today? Though it is the 17th of the month, it’s not St. Patty’s Day. No, today is a huge day for Canada, but also for the world – today marks the first day that cannabis is legal to purchase for recreational purposes.

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