December 23rd, 2019 by FH&P Lawyers

FH&P Lawyers is very excited to announce the opening of our new location at 74 Wade Avenue, Penticton. This will be our second location in the South Okanagan and we are delighted to continue serving the communities we call home.

We are also welcoming a lawyer, Ian McAndrews, and a paralegal, Marni Brown, to the team in the new Penticton office. Ian brings 29 years of experience in family law, civil litigation, criminal prosecutions, and foreclosures to the table.

After first coming to the Okanagan in 1973 and eventually becoming Service Manager in the automotive industry, Ian decided to start a new challenge and attend law school at UBC in Vancouver. In 1990, he was called to the bar.

When he isn’t working for the community, you can find Ian cycling in group road rides on Wednesday and Saturday mornings as well as on local trails with his two dogs, Harold (a Black Labrador) and Abby (a Chocolate Labrador).

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COVID-19 Series for Business Owners: Commercial Leasing for Tenants

For most business owners, entering into and abiding by a commercial lease is a standard part of running a business. Most business owners have seen their businesses through ups and downs, times of boom and times of bust – these are simply part of running a business, resourceful business owners are able to find their way out. However, the shut down we’re currently witnessing presents real problems that even the most resourceful business owner won’t be able to navigate – how is anyone supposed to cover their lease payments when they’re not able to operate their business?

Parenting Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you have kids and you are separated or divorced from the other parent of those kids, there is a good chance you have an Agreement of some sort (written or unwritten) or a Court Order outlining how you and that other parent share time and responsibilities for your kids. You may be wondering what, if any impact, the pandemic has on that Agreement or Court Order.

Rent & COVID-19

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal and Provincial Governments are urging Canadians to stay home and practice social distancing. As a result, we have seen massive layoffs and many Canadians are struggling to pay their bills. With April 1st approaching, many Canadians are asking: What do I do if I can’t pay rent this month?