June 19th, 2019 by Rebecca Tenna

FH&P Lawyers is proud to continue our support of the Special Olympics program in Kelowna, as the title sponsor of the Fundraising Golf Classic for the 8th consecutive year. The golf tournament took place this year on Friday, June 7th, at the Kelowna Springs Golf Club, and had a great turnout, with 116 golfers and numerous volunteers. Associate lawyer Dustin Merritt played a significant role in organizing the tournament by serving as the Chair of the board of directors. Murray Bye, David Kemp and several of the firm’s staff also volunteered and were instrumental in the success of the tournament.

Special Olympics is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities through sport. In Kelowna, Special Olympics hosts various programs for children ranging from 2-18 years old. The programs are run by Kelowna locals, and include up to 18 different sports and youth programs. Special Olympics not only helps the athletes to advance their athletic abilities, but also helps them gain social empowerment and acceptance, as well as cultivating a great sense of self-confidence!

The Fundraising Golf Classic continues to provide a significant source of funding for Kelowna’s Special Olympics programs. This year the tournament raised approximately $45,000, which is integral to the multitude of programs Special Olympics provides. The values of the Special Olympics Kelowna branch (inclusion, diversity, empowerment, respect, and excellence) strongly align with those of FH&P Lawyers, a major reason why the firm looks forward to the event each year.

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