October 17th, 2018 by David Kemp

So why, you ask, am I proudly wearing green today? Though it is the 17th of the month, it’s not St. Patty’s Day. No, today is a huge day for Canada, but also for the world – today marks the first day that cannabis is legal to purchase for recreational purposes.

So…let me be the first to say – Happy legalizzle of cannabizzle dizzle!

Obviously this is not the first you’ve heard of it – it was a campaign promise from Justin Trudeau during the 2015 federal election.

Ever since the Liberals got elected, everyone from black market growers, to white collar professionals, from bankers to pharmacists, from organized crime to government bureaucrats, from your sketchy Uncle Greg to your sweet, milk-and-cookies grandma with glaucoma – everyone has been talking about how the legalization of cannabis will change the way they do business, or just go about their daily lives.

So, in light of the fact that there’s so much curiosity about the subject, and in light of the fact that we here at FH&P Lawyers are looking forward to being a local leader in cannabis law, we are starting a blog series entitled “The High Road: A Tour Through the Cannabis Act”.

Every week, we will put out a new blog post dealing with a different aspect of the Cannabis Act and other cannabis-related legislation in an effort to help everyone better understand how this whole thing is going to work.

If there’s something you want to know, or a question you want answered, please feel free to email David Kemp at dkemp@fhplawyers.com, or message us through Facebook. We’re always looking for new ideas of subjects to write about!

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With so much discussion about the ramifications of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, why has so little dialogue centred around the unique opportunities available to establish cannabis ventures on reserve land? Some ventures, like Indigenous Roots, have recognized and seized this opportunity by setting up operations on various reserves across Canada. Find out why you should be doing the same! We are proud to present this piece, which was written primarily by our very talented co-op student, Damyn Libby, who is currently finishing a degree in Indigenous Studies at UBC's Okanagan campus and who aspires to practicing in Aboriginal Law. This area was of particular interest to him due to his area of study at UBC and his Métis heritage. Please get in touch if you would like