December 4th, 2020 by Carly Perryman

According to Canadian census statistics there are over 150,000 Sri Lankans living in Canada. There is a great community of Sri Lankan-Canadians who are contributing and thriving in our country and at the same time giving back to Sri Lanka through their philanthropic efforts. When I was reading about Sri Lanka for this article, I came across the following notable people:

Suresh Joachim is a multiple Guinness World Record holder. He has broken more than 60 world records set in several countries to benefit underprivileged children around the world. He is the founder of WBBAS, No Poverty No Disease No War, World Peace Marathon and Suresh Joachim International Group of Companies.

Chandre Dharma-Wardana is a Sri Lankan born academic and scientist. He is currently a professor of theoretical physics at the Université de Montréal. He is also a principal research scientist at the National Council of Canada.

Sanjayan Thurasisingam is a Tamil Canadian cricketer. He was Canada’s top wicket-taker in 2001 and he brought Canada’s cricket team to the World Cup. He has represented Canada in many international level cricket cup matches.

Many Sri Lankan’s have immigrated to Canada under skills immigration programs to receive higher education. Many have immigrated to Canada to join their families. There are several reasons why so many Sri Lankans move to Canada.

1. Higher Education – Canada is known for its top tier universities. These institutions offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, professional and doctoral degrees as well as post-graduate certificates and diplomas, to name a few. Vocational schools also offer career-focused training in skilled trades and health occupations. Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada has created special immigration opportunities for Sri Lankans that would like to go to school in Canada. Once you graduate from a Canadian post-secondary school, you can get a work permit to begin working in Canada. You can also apply to become a permanent resident.

2. Employment Opportunities – Canada needs skilled workers. In British Columbia alone, there will be 861,000 job openings in the next 10 years. New immigrants will fill 31% of the openings. Here is a breakdown of the five industries that will account for half of the total job openings projected over the next 10 years:

a. Health Care and Social Assistance: 141,700 job openings
b. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services: 98,800 openings
c. Retail Trade: 80,900 job openings
d. Accommodation and Food Services: 63,200 job openings
e. Educational Services: 60,400 job openings

*BC Labour Market Outlook: 2019 Edition

3. Quality of Life – Canada, and specifically British Columbia, is a beautiful and peaceful place to live. Canada is ranked #2 for Best Countries in the World and the #1 country in the world in 2020 for Quality of Life according to US News & World Report.

If you would like to get more information on how you can move to Canada from Sri Lanka as a Student, Worker, Permanent Resident or through Family Sponsorship, CONTACT US TODAY FOR A CONSULTATION.

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