October 1st, 2020 by FH&P Lawyers

The National Post posted a STORY yesterday highlighting the need to protect yourself from immigration fraud. In the National Post story, Prabjot Singh was duped into paying his life savings to a phony temple who sponsor religious employees for work permits in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars.

Mr. Singh is not alone. This kind of immigration scam is happening more and more since Canada is a very desirable place to live. Many are left high and dry once they arrive in Canada as victims of immigration fraud.

How can you protect yourself from immigration fraud? Taking these steps may help:

1. Make a simple google search. By searching the internet, you will come across agencies and can check their credibility and reputation;

2. Check with your personal referral network. Get advice from family and friends or other reputable service agencies known to be legal and trusted.

3. Hire an Immigration Lawyer or Registered Immigration Consultant. In Canada, anyone practicing Immigration Law or Consulting Services must be registered through a licensed governing body. Lawyers in Canada must be in good standing with the Canadian Law Society. You can check with Canadian Law Society HERE. Immigration Consultants must be registered through the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. You can use this online public registered to check if the consultant is registered HERE:

4. Beware if you are not asked to sign a Retainer Agreement. A retainer agreement is a contract between you and the lawyer/consultant/agency you hire to complete your Canada immigration application. A Retainer Agreement must be signed before any services begin.

5. Be wary if you are asked to make a cash payment for services. Cash cannot be tracked. Other methods of payment are trackable such as electronic transfer, cheque, money order or credit card.

There are many other ways that you can ensure that you have hired a trustworthy immigration professional. Our firm has a stellar reputation of providing professional service and adhering to all Canadian laws to ensure you receive the best possible outcome on your Canadian immigration application.

If you would like to get a free immigration assessment to determine whether you qualify for immigration to Canadian click the box below:

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