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Law Talk Season 2 Episode 02

December 28, 2023 by Clay Williams, Colin Flannigan

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In this episode of FH&P Lawyers "Law Talk," the host Clay Williams and guest speaker Colin Flannigan delve into the intricacies of real estate contracts. They highlight the importance of getting contracts right, especially when buying a home. Key topics include the contract formation process, standard form contracts, and the customization potential when lawyers draft contracts. They emphasize the 'three P's' – Parties, Property, and Purchase Price – and the significance of conditions like financing approval and home insurance. Special considerations for different property types, important dates in the property purchasing process, and proactive measures for insurance, especially in fire-prone areas, are also discussed.

Understanding Real Estate Contracts: 

Stressing the crucial nature of contracts in the biggest purchase of one’s life - a home.

The Contract Formation Process:

Exploring how offers are made through realtors or privately and become binding contracts upon acceptance.

Customization in Standard Form Contracts:

The potential to tailor standard contracts used by realtors and lawyers to specific needs.

Crucial Contract Elements: 

Focusing on the 'three P's' – Parties, Property, Purchase Price – for accuracy.

Significance of Conditions:

Conditions such as financing approval and home insurance are vital, especially considering recent events like fires.

Considerations for Different Property Types:

Discussing unique conditions for properties like strata homes and rural properties.

Importance of Key Dates: 

The role of completion, adjustment, and possession dates in real estate transactions.

Insurance Essentials: 

Advice on ensuring continuous coverage before and after the completion date to mitigate risks.

Proactive Insurance Measures: 

The importance of early insurance approval, particularly in areas prone to fires.

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