March 24th, 2021 by Colin Flannigan

Estate planning is very customized and considering your specific assets is extremely important.

This includes if you are an owner or part owner of a business. Depending on what your role in the business is, there might be special factors to consider to maximum the efficiency of your estate.

It is not an easy topic to discuss but Associate Colin Flannigan and the team at FH&P Lawyers can assist you in creating an estate plan centered around your unique circumstances.


When making a will it is important to consider what assets you have that will be governed by that will. Remember estate planning is particularly customized and different types of assets that you might have, required different planning techniques to make sure we maximize the efficiency for your estate.

If you are an owner or part owner of a small business there are special factors to consider depending on the types of shares you hold there might be special powers that can you put in your will to help deal with the management of the company. If you are a director there are special techniques that can be done to make sure that the company is dealt with and doesn't come to a standstill that might be the use of things like successor or alternate director appointments. When making your estate plan you can also address how you hold your shares. This can be useful technique to try to keep costs down for your estate, there can even be special techniques to reduce probate fees. So remember when making an estate plan considered the assets that you have and don't forget to ask how we can customize an estate plan for you that will match your unique circumstances.

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