January 20th, 2020 by FH&P Lawyers

For New Years Eve 2019, FH&P Lawyers were proud to serve hot chocolate to anyone who had attended New York New Years in Stuart Park. The event started at 6pm and ran until 9pm. This is the 8th annual New York New Years, which was put on by Valley First and the City of Kelowna. This is one of the only free New Years Eve all ages event that happens in Kelowna.

Essentially the event is centered around an early celebration which mirrors New York City’s celebration in Times Square. The activities that were enjoyed around the outdoor skating rink included live musical performances every hour, kid’s ‘snow zone’ activity stations, free hot chocolate, food trucks, a Black Box Theatre, Fireworks, and a ‘Valley First Warm Up Zone’ which included: games, a photo booth, crafts and coloring stations, and face painting.

FH&P Lawyers were pleased to participate as the hot chocolate sponsor during this wonderful event. The lawyers and staff were stationed in Stuart Park at the hot chocolate booth from 6pm until the fireworks, which happened at 9pm. At FH&P we have been serving our community for 117 years this year and are always proud to help and serve our community at any chance we get. We are looking forward to the new year ahead of us! We hope you enjoy these pictures of FH&P Lawyer’s wonderful staff serving hot chocolate during the event.

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