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Standard Form Contracts in Real Estate

July 25, 2023 by Clay Williams, Tanvir Gill

Episode 62 of the Law Talk Podcast with Clay Williams and Tanvir Gill focuses on Standard Form Contracts and the way they are used in real estate and for business assets.

If you've ever been involved in buying or selling a house, chances are you've worked with a realtor and encountered a standard form contract. But did you know that these seemingly simple contracts hold a much deeper significance? The creation of these standard form contracts is a collaborative effort between the British Columbia Real Estate Association and the Canadian Bar Association, both of which jointly hold the copyrights for these documents.

The real estate world can be multifaceted, and these standardized contracts go beyond the surface to address various intricacies that arise during property transactions. While the basic real estate purchase and sales deals involve common terms, there are numerous additional nuances and considerations unique to business transactions that must be accounted for.

Understanding these complexities can be instrumental in navigating the legal landscape of real estate deals. As individuals or businesses enter into property transactions, they must grapple with specific provisions tailored to their circumstances. These specialized considerations extend to matters such as financing, lease agreements, property development, and more.

In this Law Talk Podcast, Tanvir explains why other forms are necessary at times and why it’s important to get your lawyer involved early in the process—especially for commercial properties—to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the transaction.

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