December 18th, 2018 by David Kemp

With so much discussion about the ramifications of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, why has so little dialogue centred around the unique opportunities available to establish cannabis ventures…

Wills for Westbank First Nations People Living on Reserve Land

May 14th, 2018 by FH&P Lawyers

Are you curious about the laws surrounding wills for Westbank First Nations people living on reserve land?

What are Life Estates

February 28th, 2018 by Nancy Ling

In these days of readily available information, there are many things that a person can figure out for themselves. However, much like auto repair and DIY home repairs, there is the potential to create…

Buying your first home? We’re here to help.

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If you’re looking to purchase your first home this year, and you are unsure as to what steps to take before taking the leap of faith, we are here to help.

​How can a lawyer help me during my real estate purchase?

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(AUDIO) Dylan Switzer Discusses Condo Stratas & Neighbour Disputes

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Dylan Switzer discusses condo stratas & neighbour disputes.

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Shawn Speirs discusses rentals, tenants and real estate law.

(AUDIO) Dylan Switzer Discusses Stratas and Real Estate Law

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Dylan Switzer Discusses Stratas and Real Estate Law

Purchasing a Tenanted Property

January 15th, 2016 by FH&P Lawyers

Purchasing a residential property which has tenants currently living in the residence can offer a number of challenges. Being aware of those challenges will help you to minimize your exposure and…

Real Estate Development: Business Structure

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In the first installment of this two part article, we canvassed the common forms of development financing. We now turn to the various business structures available to the developer to carry out the…

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Moral Obligations When Writing your Will - Contemporary Standards of B.C.

In most cases, a will-maker has testamentary autonomy, the complete freedom to dispose of one’s estate as they see fit. However, certain situations necessitate the involvement of the court to override the wishes of the will-maker. When drafting your will, what moral obligations do you keep in mind? Do strained social and familial ties serve as enough of a reason to cut certain people out of your will? If the reasons are seemingly discriminatory, (such as based on gender, race, sexuality, social class, or otherwise) does the court have the discretion to decide on your behalf? To understand the extent of your autonomy in your will, it is highly beneficial to understand the bounds of contemporary community standards in BC court.

Estate Grants - Administration

An estate grant of Administration is a grant by the Supreme Court appointing an individual to act as the administrator of the estate. This grant is typically necessary if the deceased dies without a will (intestate). A Grant of Administration gives an administrator the official right and recognition to act on behalf of the estate.

How do I determine who will be my child's guardian?

There are often challenges when someone dies without a Will, but it can be particularly problematic if the person who has died is a parent and guardian of a minor child.