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Immigration Law

The Challenges Of Permanent Residency During COVID

April 27, 2021 by Carly Perryman, Marvin Geekie

Typically, in a “normal” year thousands of people would be allowed to immigrate to Canada either permanently or as a temporary worker. However, this year will be different once again with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

There can and have been some economic challenges without having the usual number of people immigrating Canada and the future economic growth across the country and close to home. Marvin Geekie & Carly Perryman from the FH&P Lawyers’ Immigration team discuss these challenges and more.


Marvin Geekie: I’m talking immigration law today with Carly Perryman, a trusted member of our immigration team and Carly over the past year there has been a lot of buzz about immigration law and we have heard a lot of concern from our community members about their time here in Canada, their safety of people back home and there has been certainty a lot of policy changes to keep up with in immigration and Refugee Canada for temporary visitors, temporary foreign workers and students about their ability to stay in Canada, what do you think?

Carly Perryman: Yes it definitely has been a challenge to keep up with all of the changes what with COVID-19, people are really concerned whether they are in Canada or what's happening with their family back home.

Marvin Geekie: It has for sure, what do you think has been the biggest challenge so far?

Carly Perryman: When the pandemic hit we all know that basically things came to a halt. The borders closed which was a huge deal, this also effected how immigration processing happened with Immigration Canada because they obviously closed a lot of their offices, so it did delay some processing. As a result IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) released different public policies to accommodate those ones that are still in Canada and made it possible for workers who’s status is expiring to be able to renew. It has also it's been a huge help to the Canadian economy because those ones that are here have been able to relieve their financial stress and continue working and contributing.

Marvin Geekie: It has for sure, but I think for me the biggest challenge or change so far has been the recent announcement from the IRCC upping their quotas for permeant residents for the upcoming year. Last year they processed about 186,000 permanent residency applications which sounds like a lot especially during the pandemic but when you consider that to the amount of people that they actually wanted to bring in, it really was a spit in the wind, so THAT is a really big challenge and a great opportunity for those people that really want to make a permanent residency application into Canada.

Carly Perryman: We are definitely seeing that the government is working with those that are already here in Canada; temporary workers and students and those already contributing to the economic growth and stability of our country. There have been targeted invitations sent to those ones and giving them an opportunity to become a permanent resident, so that is just great.

Marvin Geekie: It is nice to see that family reunifications are going forward with those sponsorships that are happening and IRCC has announced that they are increasing their staff to keep up with the processing times to keep them in acceptable limits so that is nice to see as well.

Carly Perryman: It is also good because they are going to be opening two new offices which will create jobs for Canadians.

Marvin Geekie: Immigration is moving full steam ahead and we recognize that everybody’s immigration situation is different, so to our community and to our clients we say give us a call and let us help you navigate your immigration issues.