November 26th, 2020 by Colin Flannigan

Our Business Law team is experienced ranging from individuals and small businesses to large multi-jurisdictional corporations. Our lawyers’ knowledge of the realities of operating a business allow us to provide our clients with practical and cost-effective solutions to the ongoing challenges of operating a successful business in today’s competitive and rapidly changing commercial environment.

One of the inquiries Associate Colin Flannigan and the business law team often hear from businesses is "What is the difference between an employee and an independent contractor?"

Colin answers that very question...


Colin Flannigan: In the world of businesses, one of the questions that can arise is what is the difference between an employee and independent contractor? This can be a very important distinction for business owners and for employees or contractors alike. One of the important elements to understand is going to be the relationship between that person working for the business and the business itself. In an employee standard there's certain rules that govern as far as obligations that the employee as well as the employer owe to each other. An independent contractor, the idea is that it is someone who does contract base work for that company. They are not tied that company, they're independent; they are able to work for many different companies at the same time, so the true concept comes down to what is the relationship?

For more information on these topics that can be quite complex and no two situations are the same, please contact us here at FH&P Lawyers, we would be happy to help.

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