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Video - Having An Agreement For A Construction Project

May 13, 2021 by Clay Williams

Our construction litigation team at FH&P Lawyers is experienced in a wide range of construction-related matters from design development to tendering and resolution of any disputes. We are trusted advisors of contractors, project managers, engineers and developers and can assist throughout every step of the construction process. When challenging issues arise our team will find a practical and timely solution to keep the project moving.

Often the project that you are working on involves friends or businesses acquaintances. If issues arise it is nice to have an agreement laid out before the project begins so all interested parties know the actions to take. Partner Clay Williams discusses.


If you are a licensed residential builder, it is very common to enter into an agreement with others to complete a project.

Often times you are dealing with working with your friends or your business acquaintances, sometimes you are dealing with new people. I've seen a lot of people going into these projects with the best intentions, but very, very little thought is put into how things are going to be dealt with. We have seen agreements written on napkins, we seen completely oral agreements on a handshake deal and you know what, when they work, they work great, but when they don't work well it's an expensive court case. If you are going to partner up with somebody to complete a project, I highly recommend that you come see FH&P Lawyers and let us give you an agreement that's going to deal with the expectations of the parties and work those out in advance and provide some measure or some ways to deal with issues when they arise. Remember you can pay a little bit up front or you are going to end up paying a lot if it ends up in a litigated case.