March 11th, 2021 by Kevin K. Cheung

Our lawyers at FH&P are skilled and experienced advocates in personal injury-related disputes, including brain injury, spinal cord injury, wrongful death, and major trauma. The primary objective of our team is to obtain the full compensation and benefits for our clients to which they are legally entitled.

Associate Kevin Cheung answers one of the most popular questions to come up during a consultation. "How long will it take for my matter to resolve?" Kevin has been practicing in personal injury law for several years and offers some excellent information.


One of the questions I'm often asked is how long is it going to take to resolve my case?

This is understandable because people who are involved with personal injuries often have the ability to earn income compromised and they want a sense of when they can feel financially stable again. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees as to how long a case may take, the nature of your injuries is a really significant factor in determining how long a case may take to resolve. With minor injuries you can reasonably expect that the case will resolve fairly quickly, however with more complex injuries such as chronic pain, brain injuries or orthopedic injuries the case may take quite a bit longer, even several years to resolve.

Part of this is because it takes quite a bit of time for the injuries to evolve and for us to understand what the injury is and to see them reach a point where they aren't going to see any further improvement and really at that point in time as when the parties can fairly assess what a reasonable compensation for you may be.

Having said that there are a number of legislative changes recently to the insurance regime and these changes can be quite overwhelming. They are intended to have as a benefit, a speedier resolution to a personal injury claim and so it is good to speak to a lawyer to understand how you can proceed with a claim.

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