May 6th, 2021 by FH&P Lawyers

Our construction litigation team at FH&P Lawyers is experienced in a wide range of construction-related matters from design development to tendering and resolution of any disputes. We are trusted advisors of contractors, project managers, engineers and developers and can assist throughout every step of the construction process. When challenging issues arise our team will find a practical and timely solution to keep the project moving.

With every construction project different, should one have a contract before moving forward? Associate Counsel Ian McAndrews in our Penticton office explains the difference between having one and not.


Regarding construction matters, I'm often asked if a written contract is necessary? The answer is no it's not, an oral contract can be valid and is as valid as a written contract. The difficulty might be that the terms are not in writing with respect to an oral contract and at the end of the day, there may be a dispute as to what the terms of the contract were. The good thing about a written contract is everything is down in writing, you know what the terms are and it makes it easier for you to know what the contract is doing for you and what you are doing for the contractor. If you need any more information on issues such as entering into a contract with your builder please give us a call here at FH&P Lawyers in Penticton.

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