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WATCH - How do you Vary a Will during Estate Litigation

July 08, 2021 by Darren Kautz

Our Estate Litigation team of lawyers appreciates that this can be very difficult for those individuals involved. We understand the sensitivity of these issues and have the expertise to mitigate and resolve conflicts through Mediation, Litigation or Arbitration. These are often complex, emotional situations and we pride ourselves on balancing our clients’ legal and personal goals in seeking resolution.

A question that often comes up in these types of matters is, "How do I vary a Will?" Partner Darren Kautz sits down to discuss the answer.


As part of the litigation department we often get questions in estate litigation such as, how do I vary a Will?

To vary a Will, there is legislation that permits the courts to examine and determine what the deceased has chosen and how they are to distribute the assets, funds and portions of their estate. When determining whether you want to try and vary a Will, it's important to contact a lawyer and discuss what options you have. There is legislation in place in British Columbia that permits, in certain circumstances, your ability to vary a Will however it is always a good idea to go to an experienced law firm such as FH&P Lawyers.