Doug Flannigan was raised in Western Canada and received his legal education at the University of Manitoba. He joined the firm Fillmore and Company in Kelowna in 1978 and a year later was called to the British Columbia Bar. That same year the firm changed its name to Warren Ladner Berge. Then in 1982 Doug became a partner after Warren and Ladner left. The firm’s name again changed to Berge Bishop Purvin-Good and Flannigan.

Doug continued to build his practice in Kelowna and develop the firm’s brand. After 32 years and several name changes, in 2014 the firm morphed to FH&P Lawyers, using his last name, Flannigan, as the “F” in the branding.

Doug is an avid soccer fan attending five consecutive World Cups from 2002-2018 in Japan, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, and Russia. He also loves skiing and golfing right here in the Okanagan. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and his dogs Max and Teddy.

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