Wendy Cheung brings a unique skillset to FH&P Lawyers LLP as a litigation strategist and analyst. Beyond just employing the basic and direct techniques of a standard litigation practice, Wendy's client-centered focus requires high level indirect strategies to anticipate and shape the litigation path to achieve a desired outcome. Such methods have the means of altering perceptions, undermining an opposing parties' case without direct confrontation, and shifting the narrow point of conflict.

Wendy's analytical mind was honed early on in her academics, having been the recipient of the Max and Manly Isaac's Prize in research and analysis. She is also a Pitblado Scholar. She complemented her legal studies by spending a term at the University of Geneva in Switzerland studying international law and attending hearings at the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the World Trade Organization.

After being admitted to the Bar in 2008, Wendy operated her own legal research and analysis firm for six years before joining the practice of Steven G. Schwartz in 2015, currently a Master of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, practicing primarily in civil and commercial litigation.

Wendy had a diverse business background before her career in law, having been a data consultant for provincial transportation department, an analyst in the oil and gas industry, and a trader at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

In addition to being a full-time litigator, Wendy is currently an active director of a privately held corporation which owns and operates franchise businesses in Kelowna that generate over $4.2 million in annual revenue and employ more than 80 people. Her past and current business experiences allow her to understand and be empathetic to the challenges her clients face in all types of business disputes.

As a proponent of alternative dispute resolution, Wendy is a mediator and currently holds a term of appointment as an arbitrator for a governing body on landlord-tenant disputes.

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Wendy is actively involved as an entrepreneur, shareholder, and investor in the franchising industry, the real estate market, and the start-up technology scene in Alberta and British Columbia. She can often be seen advising start-up technologies at the Innovation Centre in the heart of downtown Kelowna.


Wendy is an avid volunteer in the local legal community. In 2015, she was a supervising lawyer for the Advanced Legal Research (3950) course for the Faculty of Law at Thompson Rivers University. Wendy also works to facilitate access to justice as a regular contributor with Access Pro Bono and the Elizabeth Fry Society. She is fluent in conversational Cantonese.