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Involvement in bankruptcy/insolvency proceedings may leave clients feeling overwhelmed, embarrassed or even guilty because of their debt, even though the factors causing their debt might be out of their control. Our team provides an empathetic approach to assisting clients through such financial distress.

Bankruptcy is a major decision, and our team at FH&P Lawyers will ensure you are not alone in making it. Since each case brings its unique circumstances, we draw from a wide range of methods to craft a solution that is right for you. This includes walking our clients through the process, as well as designing strategies to rebuild their financial affairs after a bankruptcy filing.

Please connect with us if you need guidance through a bankruptcy/insolvency matter.

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Consumer Debt Index

A MNP Consumer Debt Index report concerning the last months of 2020 and first months of 2021 showed that over half of Canadians are $200 away from reaching financial insolvency.

Insolvencies in British Columbia

In BC in 2020, there were a total of 8,398 insolvencies and a total of 140,858 in Canada.

Bankruptcy / Insolvency Lawyers

Doug Flannigan
Clay Williams