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Employers spend the majority of their time at some form of workplace, whether in the office or remote. As such, workplace events may have overwhelming effects on one’s family, finances, and future. Our lawyers are ready to help when matters arise in the employment context for employers. FH&P is ready to help employers with matters including:

  • the termination of employees;
  • compensation;
  • management roles;
  • disciplinary issues;
  • workplace conflict;
  • drug testing;
  • privacy;
  • drafting contracts, exit agreements, offer and termination letters;
  • workplace/OH&S policies;
  • restructuring your workforce;
  • workers compensation matters;
  • workplace benefits;
  • ensuring compliance with employment standards legislation.

We help employers deal with difficult situations at work, including conflicts over being fired or terminating an employee. Our priority is to resolve tense situations through methods of alternative dispute resolution. When this is not possible, we are prepared to protect our clients’ interests in court.

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Business Law Employment Lawyers

Know the Employment Standards Act

Understanding the ESA is crucial to the success of your business. It applies to every part of the workplace, from writing legal contracts to creating employee handbooks. The ESA is broken down into 8 parts: Objectives, Scope and Exceptions, Hiring Employees, Wages, Special Clothing and Records, Hours of Work and Overtime, Statutory Holidays, Leaves and Jury Duty, Annual Vacation and Termination of Employment

Business Law Employment Lawyers

Employer Advice for Small Businesses

As an employer, are you familiar with the provincial labour laws where your business operates? Do you have an HR team to help with employee management that lets your business function successfully, effectively and profitably? Whether you’re a small start-up or a large established company, minimum employment standards are applicable to your business. 

Employment Law Lawyers

Doug Flannigan
Clay Williams
Dylan Switzer