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Business Law / Purchase & Sale of Business

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Seamlessly moving
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The purchase or sale of a business is a significant transaction which needs to be carefully navigated. The process can be very complex, with many moving parts and strategic considerations. Our business law team has extensive knowledge and experience advising on all aspects of business purchase and sale transactions.

When maneuvering through a transaction, we work with our clients to understand their options and their responsibilities to all stakeholders, including shareholders, lenders, and employees. Our team will make the transaction as smooth as possible by:

  • Completing due diligence in evaluating potential deals
  • Structuring the transaction, whether it is assets or shares
  • Drafting and negotiating letters of intent and purchase agreements
  • Closing the deal – without surprises and ensuring you get what you bargained for
  • Reporting and providing necessary legal opinions

Our business law team has experience working with businesses of all sizes across many industries. We will ensure that your transaction is carried out correctly and efficiently, while mitigating risks and protecting your interests throughout.

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Share Sales

If your business is incorporated, you have the option to sell shares. This share purchase will result in all assets of the business, including the name, transferring to the buyer. With all the assets, also comes the liabilities.

How much do you need to put down on a business in BC?

The business and buyer are able to qualify for a SBA loan with the following terms: a 25% down payment on the purchase price is required. a 6.5% interest rate. a 10 year amortization.

Purchase & Sale of Business Lawyers

Doug Flannigan
Clay Williams
Dylan Switzer
Nancy Ling
Tanvir Gill
Pius Omene