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range of strata issues

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Assisting strata property
owners, landlords and tenants

Our strata property team offers a variety of legal services to owners, landlords and tenants of residential and commercial strata properties.

We have been instrumental in the Okanagan’s growth by guiding developers through the requisite planning and development processes. We advise on the legal requirements for strata plans involving multi-unit, single family, and commercial developments. Our clients also include owners involved in construction disputes against builders and developers.

Similarly, our firm serves developers, strata corporations, strata management companies, and individual strata unit owners.

Regularly, we advise residential and commercial managers of their contractual and statutory obligations.

Our Firm may assist with a wide range of strata property matters including:

  • Drafting bylaws, agreements and resolutions
  • Disclosure statements for strata developments
  • Filing phased strata plan declaration
  • Filing strata plans
  • Adding common property to strata lots
  • Collection of strata fees, special levies, etc
  • Resolving rental disputes
  • Strata litigation
  • Resolution of disputes among owners
  • Expropriation of strata property
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable strata legislation
  • And more

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Changing your strata

In 2020, it was declared that strata corporations must inform owners living in the strata about changes in the strata corporation’s insurance coverage as soon as possible.

Imposing strata fines

In 2018, Strata Corporations became allowed to impose fines of up to $1,000 per day on owners and residents who refuse to comply with bylaws regulating short-term rentals.

Strata Property Lawyers

Doug Flannigan
Nancy Ling
Pius Omene