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Being accused of a crime may be the most stressful event you will ever experience in your lifetime. Our Firm provides experienced criminal defence lawyers for any type of criminal charge.

Our criminal defence team understands that if you are being accused of a crime it can be devastating. We will ensure your rights are protected from initial charge all the way through to trial, if necessary.

Whether it is civil forfeiture, sexual assault, domestic violence, impaired driving, theft, or other criminal or regulatory charges, our team at FH&P Lawyers has the proven experience to advise and guide clients facing criminal allegations. Our priority is to reach the best resolution or withdrawal of the charges as soon as possible with a tailored, unique, and effective approach. If an acceptable and timely resolution cannot be reached, we will proceed to Court and defend your rights at trial.

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Three types of criminal Offences in Canada

Being charged with a crime means that you have been charged with a specific offence under federal law such as the Canadian Criminal Code. The three main categories of criminal offences are summary conviction offences, indictable offences, and hybrid offences.

Absolute Jurisdiction

Section 553 of the Canadian Criminal Code lists those crimes that the Provincial court has “absolute jurisdiction” over. This means that even when the Crown proceeds by indictment, a person does not have a right to a preliminary hearing, jury trial, or to be tried in the Superior Court.

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