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Our Estate Litigation team of lawyers appreciates that this can be very difficult for those individuals involved. We understand the sensitivity of these issues and have the expertise to mitigate and resolve conflicts through Mediation, Litigation or Arbitration. These are often complex, emotional situations and we pride ourselves on balancing our clients’ legal and personal goals in seeking resolution.

Our team routinely advises Executors, Administrators, Trustees, and Estate Trustees for Property and Personal Care as well as beneficiaries and other interested parties in all aspects of Estate Litigation. Our team is often involved in Passing of Accounts disputes, Contested Will Challenges, Powers of Attorney Disputes, Dependent’s Relief Proceedings, Unjust Enrichment Claims and Trust Claims.

As Canada’s population continues to age, and with the concurrent transfer of wealth this generates, Estate Litigation remains on the increase. FH&P uses practical solutions to serve executors, beneficiaries and the disinherited, to provide results.

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More than one spouse

The 2021 BC Supreme Court case of Boughton v. Widner Estate confirmed that a departed person can have more than one concurrent spousal relationship when they die.

Munro v. James

A 2020 Supreme Court decision in the matter of Munro v. James has shown that the violation of an agreement to execute a will making a specific individual the beneficiary of one’s estate could be considered an anticipatory breach.

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