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You have worked hard for all that you have – it is time to protect it. Estate planning doesn’t have to be difficult, and can start at any age. Our lawyers appreciate that this is not the easiest process to go through, and understand each individual client has unique circumstances. Together, we will develop a customized strategy for you considering Tax, Estate and Trust laws, while also keeping practical solutions in mind, to optimize the benefit to your intended family members after you are gone.

Estate planning is much more than just a Will. A typical Estate plan ensures that the big picture works together and includes a Will, as well as an Enduring Power of Attorney, and a Representation Agreement. An Estate plan can also include Trust documents and Life Insurance declarations, if required. All these documents are important tools which can help you reach your Estate planning goals. It is an individualized plan that assures you that your interests are protected, and we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Challenges, sensitivities, and important factors vary from person to person. Our team commits to getting a clear understanding of your circumstances by asking questions about your family structure, your assets, and your debts to ensure we are able to best advise you of the implications of your proposed plans. We work with you to ensure your Estate plan reaches your goals.

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Do you have a plan for your estate?

In 2018, a survey done by IPC Private Wealth found that 58% of affluent Canadians had not discussed their plans for their estate with their heirs.

Can you have multiple wills?

In 2017, the BC Supreme Court confirmed the use of multiple wills through a landmark case titled, “The Estate of Norman Frank Berkner”, and the use of multiple wills has become commonplace in estate planning.

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