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Our team of lawyers is experienced in helping clients create a will. Making a will is an important part of planning for your family’s future. Despite this, many people do not have one. A will is a legally binding document that gives a clear statement of your last wishes, and gives you some control over who gets your assets after you pass away. Our lawyers understand that this is not an easy topic to discuss, but one that is extremely important to protect your loved ones along with everything you have worked hard for.

Our lawyers know each individual is unique, so they take their time, are sensitive and ensure they understand your circumstances and assets. They will ask several questions and work with you to select an executor who will speak on your behalf, and carry out your last instructions. Our team will then present the best possible options for you and your loved ones. Knowing your intentions will save your family time, stress, and money at an extremely difficult time.

If you die without a will, your property will be divided according to B.C. law without input of your final wishes, and the costs to administer your estate will increase. You’ll also be giving up the right to appoint the guardian of your choice for any children in your care.

We understand that clients can get busy with life, careers, and family, which often means putting wills drafting on the back burner. In light of this reality, we cannot stress enough the importance of having a will.

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Wills | Kelowna Estate Lawyers

Make a final Will

If you don’t have a will, you’re not alone. According to a 2014 report for BC Notaries, just 55% of British Columbians have a signed, legally valid and up-to-date will.

Wills | Kelowna Estate Lawyers

Protecting your loved ones increases

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to think about the future.  There was about a 50% increase in demand for end-of-life legal documents according to the Society of Notaries Public in British Columbia.

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