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When lawyers talk about “general litigation”, they are usually referring to actions taken to resolve disputes between parties. These actions can range from demand letters, mediation or arbitration, to lawsuits. Often times, the dispute is over the payment of money to properly compensate a party for a wrong done to them. Sometimes the dispute is over whether a party should do something, or refrain from doing something. These disputes arise in many different situations, including the purchase and sale of real estate or goods and services, breaches of contract, and cases of personal injury.

Advising clients on when to litigate, when to settle, and what steps are appropriate, requires judgment, experience, and listening to what our clients truly want. We offer a team of skilled and experienced litigation lawyers prepared to provide practical and insightful solutions to civil and commercial conflicts. Our lawyers use all available dispute resolution methods including mediation, settlement conferences, arbitration, and trial at all levels of court, to achieve our clients’ goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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General Litigation Services

How long does it take to litigate?

The answer to this question (like most in litigation) is “it depends.” Generally speaking, a case decided by a judge in a court of law will take a minimum of one year. More often than not, the case will last closer to, or more than, two years. Some cases last five or more years.

Litigation in BC in 2020

In 2020 there were 77,508 general civil litigation cases that took place in BC, including 33,009 centered around a motor vehicle incident  

General Litigation Lawyers

Doug Flannigan
Darren Kautz
Wes Shields
Associate Counsel
Ian McAndrews
Associate Counsel
Marvin Geekie
Associate Counsel
Wendy Cheung
Dan Shea
Erin A. Cram
Kevin Cheung
Shane Gardner
David Horvath
Brett McClelland

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General Litigation

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