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Providing legal help on a wide range
of construction-related matters

Construction disputes commonly involve high stakes, numerous parties, and complex technical issues. Regardless of the amount in dispute, our team will work with you to get the results you need.

Our team at FH&P Lawyers provides legal help on a wide range of construction-related matters from design development to tendering and resolution of any disputes. We are trusted advisors of contractors, project managers, engineers and developers, and can assist throughout every step of the construction process. We have quick turn arounds on construction related issues including Builders Liens.

FH&P will help guide you through the challenging issues that can arise over the course of your project. We will strive to find a practical and timely solution to get you back on the job site.

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Construction Litigation Kelowna

Report on the Builders Lien Act

A 2020 document published by the BCLI Builders Lien Act Reform Project Committee called the “Report on the Builders Lien Act” has submitted 86 suggestions for the reform of the Builders Lien Act which could revolutionize the world of construction litigation.

Construction Litigation Kelowna

Valard Construction Ltd. V. Bird Construction Co

2018 Supreme Court decision in Valard Construction Ltd. V. Bird Construction Co, held that contractors of whom are also a trustee under a payment bond are obligated to inform sub-contractors about the payment bond applicable to a project.

Construction Litigation Lawyers

Clay Williams
Darren Kautz
Brian Coen
Kevin Cheung
Shane Gardner
David Horvath