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When you obtain insurance such as homeowners insurance, car insurance, travel insurance or medical insurance, you are planning for the worst. When an emergency hits, you believe you can take comfort in the knowledge that your insurance policies will protect you financially. However, what happens if your insurance policy is denied, or you are advised by your insurance company that certain aspects of your policy are not applicable?

Our experienced team of lawyers provide advice on insurance policies and have decades of experience negotiating with insurance adjusters. If a matter cannot be resolved, our lawyers are prepared to litigate on your behalf to ensure you recover your losses in a timely manner.

Our areas of insurance litigation include:

  • Property Damage or Loss: If you have suffered damage to or loss of your property as a result of flood, fire or other causes, our lawyers can provide advice on your rights under your policy and represent you in any disputes with the insurance company.
  • Commercial Insurance Claims: Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance claims involve claims with respect to your business in the event that you are sued. It is often used to cover claims against your business for injury or property damage.
  • Business Interruption Claims: Business interruption insurance claims involve claims that a person or company can make if there is a loss or damage suffered to their business. For example, if a fire damaged your building and all your inventory was destroyed, this insurance would cover your loss of earnings until the building was restored, and you were back in business.
  • Disability Claim Disputes: This may happen when clients are denied their long-term disability benefits under a group policy or a private policy. These policies may be difficult to understand and getting the advice you need quickly is important.

Insurance is there to protect you. If your insurance company denies your claim however you do not always have to accept their decision. We will advocate on your behalf to make sure you are paid out in accordance with the coverage you have paid for. We are familiar with the methods insurance companies regularly use to dispute claims and deny benefits. We will look at your matter objectively, and use our experience to benefit you and ensure a fair outcome. Remember, your policy is there for you. The policy you paid for should provide protection when you need it.

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Insurance Lawyers Kelowna

What Should You Insure in your Business?

To determine your business insurance needs, you should evaluate three key areas of your small business: your property, operations, and bottom line. Just remember that certain areas may need more protection than others, depending on your business.

Insurance Lawyers Kelowna

New auto-insurance system in BC

In May 2021, ICBC’s no fault system of auto-insurance took effect and represents the largest overhaul to the ICBC system and signals a shift to a ‘care-based’ approach.

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