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Medical and Health law continues to evolve regularly and when you need help FH&P Lawyers will be on your side. Whether you are defending your professional rights, a privacy issue or going through litigation arising from medical treatment and care our team understands this law and understands your world.

Glenn Harvey-McKean has the experience to represent you in professional discipline and regulatory proceedings before provincial licensing bodies throughout Canada. He can support the complexities of your reality - whether you're a health professional or a pharmaceutical, medical device or biotechnology company.

With Glenn’s experienced background in the medical and scientific field, he speaks the health professional language. He will protect your professional interests and reputation throughout your practice. He has significant experience in the representation of physicians, nurses and other health care practitioners in regulatory matters including complaints, discipline and registration issues. In the past he has been responsible for managing complex and technical disputes and litigation matters of high value ranging from $1 million to $30 million, relating to coroner’s inquests, medical defence litigation and professional discipline and regulatory proceedings for physicians, as well as representing nurses in all jurisdictions throughout Canada.

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Statutes of Limitation

Several provinces and territories have placed a cap on the length of time a patient may have to initiate an action against a physician. The outside time limit in BC, for example, is 15 years from the day the patient had a cause of action against the physician. A cause of action refers to the set of facts or alleged faults that, if established, give rise to the claim for damages.

Regulated Health Professionals

British Columbia currently has 25 designated health professions regulated under the Health Professions Act and 18 regulatory colleges. BC Health Regulators (BCHR) consists of 19 member regulatory colleges. The additional college, the BC College of Social Work, is regulated by the Social Workers Act.

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