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Get to know David Horvath | Estate Litigator

June 19, 2024 by Clay Williams, David Horvath, Tanvir Gill

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Clay: Hi! I'm Clay Williams at FH&P Lawyers, Iā€™m with my partner Tanvir Gill.

Tanvir: Hi, Clay!

Clay: We're also with David Horvath, an Estate Litigator who is part of our Estate Litigation Group.

David: That's right, Thank You for having me.

Clay: We're just here to kind of get to know you a little bit. You are a Litigator with the firm, and how long you been with us?

David: Almost 6 years now.

Tanvir: Something that Clay might not even know is, me and David Horvath went to school together at TRU!

David: Yeah, that's right. That's Thompson Rivers University for other people.

Clay: And did you actually hang out with her?

David: God, no, no.

Clay: So you've got good taste!

Tanvir: I never hung out anywhere. I literally went to class and went home.

David: Well, we had one class together, I think.

Tanvir: Yeah, but you were also older than me or ahead of me. Why did you get into law?

David: I want to help people. I immigrated from Hungary, and it was something that I always wanted to do. So, ever since high school, I wanted to be a lawyer. Fast-forward, I took the LSATs, went through undergrad, and here I am!

Clay: So now you're practicing with our Estate Litigation group. Some of our listeners might not know, but Law Firms are organized by Practice Groups, and so you are in the Estate Litigation group. And what do you guys do?

David: We argue over estates. So, if someone dies, we argue over their estate and advocate for clients in that situation. So if you've been disinherited or someone has convinced your mother or father to give their estate to someone else because there's some undue influence there, things like that.

What is Estate Litigation? Estate litigation generally refers to legal proceedings to resolve disputes over the assets of a person who has passed away. Most often, this involves challenges to a will, either to have it varied or to have it declared void.

Clay: All right. And I understand that English is not your first language, is that right?

David: That's correct, yeah. So I'm originally from Hungary. I speak the language, I read it, I have Hungarian clients, and English is my second language.

Clay: Yeah, that's incredible, actually. I feel really badly about only knowing one language, I wish I'd paid more attention in French.

David: Yeah, it's a bit different than French for sure. It gets complicated, but I may not be the best speaker in Hungarian, but clients definitely like that aspect of the service, when I'm able to, for instance, interpret a Hungarian letter from a lawyer.

Tanveer: I love that our firm is full-service. We have almost every type of practice area, and we can also provide services in different languages, which is great!

David: It is, and clients really need that in this day and age, where we can connect really easily with each other, and we can talk to lawyers in other countries and advocate for clients that way.

Clay: All right, well, Thank You, David. If you have any estate litigation matters, David Horvath is at your service!

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