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Wendy Cheung at FH&P Lawyers LLP Kelowna Law Firm

Wendy Cheung


Alternative Dispute Resolution, Negotiations and Mediations | Creditor/Debtor Disputes and Collections | Strata Disputes | Human Rights and Workplace Disputes | Estate and Trusts Litigation | Intellectual Property Disputes | Defamation and Social Marketing Disputes | Property and Boundary Disputes, including interpretation of Easements and Restrictive Covenants | General Litigation

Wendy Cheung brings a unique skillset to FH&P Lawyers LLP as a litigation strategist and negotiator. Beyond just employing the basic and direct techniques of a standard litigation practice, Wendy's client-centered focus is on anticipating and shaping the litigation path to achieve the client’s desired outcome, which may include early and meaningful alternative dispute resolution methods and negotiations. Wendy has a particular interest in the study of critogenic harm, which is the negative impact that litigation has on a person’s mental health. In turn, Wendy’s approach is to consider how the strategies employed in litigation can affect her clients’ wellbeing, in hopes of minimizing such harm to her clients.

Wendy had a diverse business background before her career in law, having been a data consultant for a provincial transportation department, an analyst in the oil and gas industry, and a trader certified with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

During her law studies, Wendy completed a summer study program through the Duke-Geneva Institute in Transnational Law at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, studying international sports, business, and IP law and observing hearings at the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the World Trade Organization.

In addition to being a full-time litigator, Wendy is an entrepreneur and a small business owner in the franchise industry. Her past and current business experiences allow her to understand and be empathetic to the challenges her clients face in all types of business disputes.

As a proponent of alternative dispute resolution, Wendy is also a mediator and has been pursuing that practice since completing the Mediating Disputes Course through the Program on Negotiation offered by Harvard Law School Executive Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts, along the requisite mediation courses offered by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia.

Wendy is currently an arbitrator for a First Nation governing body on residential landlord-tenant disputes. In addition, Wendy holds a 4-year term on a local First Nation Complaints and Appeal Board as an adjudicative member. Wendy has conducted numerous hearings as an arbitrator/adjudicative member for matters specific to First Nations governance and other matters.

Direct Phone: 250-448-0924
Toll Free: 1-888-320-4488
Fax: 250-762-8616

Email: wcheung@fhplawyers.com

Wendy is an avid volunteer in the local legal community. In 2015, she was a supervising lawyer for the Advanced Legal Research (3950) course for the Faculty of Law at Thompson Rivers University. In years past, Wendy facilitated access to justice as a volunteer counsel with Access Pro Bono at the local Elizabeth Fry Society offices. She is fluent in conversational Cantonese.

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